5 Solid Steps on How to Make Things Happen.

“They talk, talk and talk without acting upon their words”.

Isn’t that what you think most people do today?

Here is the bubble buster: there are also many people who do not talk, instead, all they do is to think, dream, imagine and wish.

But the syndrome of not acting on those things makes them no different from those who talk and do not act.

I was going to be a perfect example of those persons until now. Then, sitting down, I would see Smart Olawale passionately talking to people, trying to help them see that there is no problem that they face that is not peculiar to man and that have not been solved before, either by science or an act of God. It was usually a thought about my present situation at that time that would involuntarily help me drag them all down into a portfolio of inaction.

When I discovered that there is an effort to ‘seizing’ opportunities. I propelled myself to taking baby steps. Of course, I know that at some point I will fall down, at some point I will get hurt trying to be firmer, but I am not deterred because I know that there is a large difference between someone who is walking like a baby than someone who is not walking at all. When the baby face his fears and don’t quit trying, the growth process will take over to make his feet a mutual friend with the ground. And the friendship will last as long as he lives.

Good for me! What about you?

We know from the dawn of time that God is supreme. But even we see that He doesn’t force us to do anything. He tells us his will and what he want us to do. Whether we do it or not is our choice. All He does is leave us to face the consequence of our choice. If we are okay with it, we perish by it. If we are not, we seek His mercy.

So, I hope you won’t count it unorthodoxy if I tell you that no one will make what you will become. You will become what you are because you yielded.

If you are ready to leave the spot of “conceiving ideas” to the “point of actualisation”, consider taking these steps:

1) You will empathize, when you understand sympathy.

Understand what sympathy is. Sympathy means you are only sorry about the status quo, you are not making any effort to change it; you share the pain, but you are not willing to help take the pain away; you have pity, and you are okay with being pity-full.

When you understand what sympathy is, you will know that it isn’t what the world needs. If you are saying this is not bad, your comment only create awareness, it changes nothing, acting to make it right does. And that is empathy.

2) Spectators don’t get the great reward.

Football fans are interesting. They share the joy, the sadness and the other emotions with their favorite club. They get acquainted to the history of the club. As clubs are always trying to make them feel as part of the family, they also try to create a reward system for themselves too. But does that give them the great reward? Of course, No! They are not the ones who get the trophy. It doesn’t add to their CV. They only share the excitement, little rewards, not the great reward.

After you have conceived your idea, always put it in mind that the great reward lies in action.

Don’t assume that the meaning of the great reward is “money”. The great reward can be anything that dropped that good idea into your mind in the first place.

If you, therefore, want to bring your ideas to fruition, motivate yourself with this word:

“I will be a spectator if I fail to act on my ideas. All the emotions that I get, will not give me the great reward. I may say other people will act, but what if they don’t? Heroes are known for action. If I desire to be celebrated as a hero, I must act”. 

3) Consider being practical.

When I wanted to organize an event during my undergraduate years, I calculated the budget with other executives. I saw vividly that I do not have the money. I knew I could get it, through the help of God, as I also write and appeal to different persons and organization.

I had faith but I carefully accessed the whole situation. I created Plan A, Plan B, Plan C… This helped me to be so pliable, when I wasn’t able to get one thing; I quickly bent over to available alternatives.

When you are being practical, even if when you are being spiritual, let it be a way of saying: “Oh God, I am not complete, these are the things that make me incomplete; and these are the things that I need to be complete, If not this, that one”.

If you are not only trusting in what you have offer, but also considering the factors that surrounds it, will help you prepare for what’s coming.

Note, being practical is never an excuse for you to say things are not possible. It is identifying what could make it impossible and ways to avert it.

4) Don’t trust Promises.

It takes little emotional triggering note to open the mouth-tap of people. And when that happens, promises of different kinds rush out. If you indeed want to make something happen, don’t build your plans on those promises of men.

The reason is simple: “no one can predict tomorrow”. There are people who will intentionally never live up to their words and there are people who fail to act on the word they gave because of unavoidable circumstances.

The crux of my point is that all your plans should give plenty of space to things that are very certain. Start with that.

5) Find the ‘PUR’ before you ‘Pose”.

Find your “Point of Resolution” before you set out to achieve what is on your mind. The truth is that, it won’t be all rosy when you get into it properly, but it is your strict affirmation about what you want to achieve from the beginning that will fuel your passion.

I will be glad to see you achieve big things.


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