Am I loved By Everyone?

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Am I loved By Everyone?


And the answer isn’t only for me, unfortunately, am answering for you too.

It’s a bit of sad news. However, it shouldn’t come to us as a rude shock. If God can be doubted, how perfect and benign can a man be to escape the “what does he think he is” comment of a fellow man? 

When you are 100 in a room and you receive 100 smiles all at once, thank your stars. That’s because, truly, you are good.

However, don’t live the room thinking that all the individuals that constitute the hundred think of you as their brother.

If you are damn lucky, some people will make it so obvious that they don’t like you. However, as long as you are not the one referred to as omnipotent God, you’ll have to deal with people that smile at you but are very bitter about you inwardly. I’m saying you have to deal with them because undoubtedly, they exist.

Dealing with them doesn’t mean hunting for them or praying for their death. It simply means refining your relationship with people.

You can’t make people like you by all means; The farthest you can go is to show the reasons why they got it all wrong about you. And that is what you’ll do.

This is now the question: How do we give people the reason to love us?

It’s is not just something you have to do intentionally, it has to become a part you:

1) Keep it real: Don’t fake your style. Be the best of yourself. Mind you, being the best of yourself is not an excuse to allow your bad manners to win over you; Take note of what people say you should change. If you’re doing the right things, let a worthy mentor guide you and also, pray.

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2) Respect People: Respect is not when you address the individual as “sir” or “ma” alone. Prostrating or genuflecting does not wholly capture it also. Respect people’s privacy. Respect their beliefs. Don’t try to foist your love or belief on them, let the real you take over as you treat people to your awesomeness and care at every opportunity that comes at the right time. 

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3) Don’t Panic: Don’t let your confidence be swept away because you know not all people like you. If you have tried your best getting it right with someone and it’s not working, simply know that they are not your lost sheep, perhaps, they belong to another shepherd. Hence, raise your head up high and meet the needs of the billions of people who feel blessed to have you around. 

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