Are You Checking What People Feed You?

They were four.
Four children from different families. I had the privilege of listening to their conversation.

One of them was crying. The three others had made fun of him. And they were trying to appease him afterwards.

One of them said in Yoruba (Actually they all conversed with Yoruba), ” You don’t even know when someone is playing with you. You are now crying, ehn? See, that’s how we do here and we don’t cry. It’s a normal thing”.

Another said, “Why are you crying now. If you must know, if Tola* makes fun of me ehn, you will know that your own is small. I’m older than her but I don’t get angry”.

And the one called Tola* said, ” Ehn now, I abuse him, but he doesn’t get angry”

“Shut up, please”. That was me speaking.

Of course, what they were telling the guy is not in any way right. It may be normal to them, but the truth is that everyone deserves respect and should be treated with dignity.

Now, what does that teach you?
It is important for you to check what people are feeding you with. Not everything people tell you is right. The depth of people’s knowledge is dug by their exposure. And, sometimes that exposure may not work for you.

When they say you are worthless, are you? No! God, who made you and me, never said so.

Meditate on words. Engage them with the words of God and everything that applies.

When you do that you are checking what people are feeding you with and will have better chances of picking the nutritious ones.


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