Developing A Smooth “Student-Lecturer (or Teacher)” Relationship


It got to a point in time that I was never penalized alongside defaulters who failed to submit their assignment or bring their notes to class. The truth, however, is that I don’t think that I had so much difference from those defaulters. I just felt lazy on those days like them.

That is my undergraduate story in a bit. A bit of an irony to my days as a secondary school student.

I see a smooth Student-Lecturer relationship like the one that has the presence of altruistic love between the two parties, where the lecturers or teachers develop a high level of trust in the capability of their students and where students are always at the spot of delivering their expectations.

In this type of relationship, students are always at the zenith point of advantage. They would enjoy the accommodative side of their tutors, their academic growth will be tracked and monitored by teachers who will consciously lookout for them to give remarks at every opportunity.

That is the kind of relationship that you should have with your teachers.

(This series is going to be for students, but if you are a teacher and you are seeing this, when you see traces of the recommendations I will give, be aware that your student wants to have a healthy relationship with you, give it to them and don’t think otherwise. Remember, you are forever a student too).

To continue from the last paragraph before the actual last one, you need to have a relationship that will be free from sexual assault and aggressiveness with your teachers. You don’t want a relationship where everything about you is perceived wrongly, because, most times, it ruins your self-esteem. That was my mistake in Secondary School. I hope to share these stories with you as we continue with this series.

Before I make recommendations, let me tell you a few reasons why you may need to have a good relationship with your teacher:
1) Going to class becomes easier. You are not haunted my thoughts that one lecturer dislikes everything about you.
2) You may fail but won’t fail. When your teacher knows you as a serious student, when you fail his exams or test, he doesn’t think it is normal. He becomes so worried about you and will shower you with priceless advice and tips that will ensure success next time.
3) You will not only have theoretical knowledge but also practical knowledge. When your relationship with your lecturer is rosy, you are always interested in what he has to say and stories he wants to tell. You enjoy them so much, that you will always seek to improve on them. Taking you from the realm of theory to deeper practical knowledge.

That is just to mention a few.

So, what do you have to do to have a good ‘Student-Lecture (or Teacher relationship)”?

Consider the following:

1) See yourself as a Brand. Own your brand.

There is an explanation on that and even other recommendations. But, NO LONG TALKS. To be continued, next week Tuesday.


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