My Powerful Sunday Lessons With The Arojos (Part 1)

Dr Smart, Mr Ayodeji and Mrs Ayomide Arojo

Earlier this year, I met Mrs Ayo Arojo at a conference held in MUSON Centre, Onikan, Lagos. I discovered she is into advertising and as a lover of the industry, I braced myself up, dropped the ego, shattered the fear and engaged her. Courtesy of her cheerful spirit, the rest of the day at the conference was so very exciting, a story on its own.

Today, I paid a visit to her family. It is so interesting to find out that her husband is her namesake, he bears the name Ayo too. (Can I have a wife whose name is also Smart? Just thinking out loud, lol.)

Mrs Ayo Arojo (left) and Dr Smart (3rd right) with Dr Ndidi and other friends.

Another interesting thing: her husband, Mr Ayo is a Pastor. The general overseer of the church they both started. He is also a brand strategist like his wife. When I got to their house, I met him speaking so passionately to his attentive church members. I was blessed during the service and after when we had a one-on-one discussion.

Here are the lessons I learnt:

1) Meditating to ‘do’: He helped me and others to understand the importance of meditation. Sometimes, it is necessary for us to lock ourselves away from distractions and to take a strategic approach to things.

Meditation should not be a vain thing we do also. As we meditate we must follow it up with prompt actions. Mr Ayo stressed that “doing” is a key to dominion. Hence, we should not only meditate but also understand that we are not the only ones blessed with the ideas that are currently ruminating in our minds.  If we are, therefore, looking to have a winning idea, we must meditate and immediately launch our plans.

2) The Tactical Launching and Strategic Launching methods: Mr Ayo enlightened us that Tactical Launching of plans brings “instant gratification” but when we are strategic about launching ideas/plans there might be delay gratification, but it will be the best laughter for the ones laughing last.

Looking up at what being tactical is, I discovered that we can manoeuvre our ways to reach a goal if being tactical is our favourite method, but strategic launching calls for assessing the whole situation and unleashing an unbeatable step by step approach to solve the problem.

3) The Power of Questions: We don’t progress by keeping silent. Answers come by the power of questions. A man who will have answers to life challenges must be a man rich and benevolent in questions. Ask mentors. Ask Lecturers. Ask Teachers. Ask Parents. Ask knowledgable friends and colleagues.

To be continued…


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