(Part 2) Sunday With The Arojos: Dr Myles Munroe spoke to us…

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Late Dr Myles Munroe 
                                  As soon as we were done with our one-on-one discussion, Late Dr Myles Munroe spoke to us most inspiringly from a video clip that seemingly was a message he shared with his Bahamas church at a crossover night in 2003. The message, though old, was in time, and correlated with the topic “Purpose” that Pastor Ayodeji Arojo was enlighting me on. Well, I think for the purpose of more clarity on my path, he intentionally slotted his flash-drive to the smart tv to select the Dr Myles clip from the many videos that were listed on the TV screen. Then he made sure we watched the clip, of about 15 minutes long, twice. The video reminded me that when Purpose is clear, time is saved and striving to be fulfilled becomes easier, just as Pastor Ayo had noted. Adding that it is important to take steps from divine leading, and that comes by the power of prayer. After Myles Munroe teaching, I learnt that: 1) When we sit back to measure our success, when there is a remarkable feat we have just achieved, what should make us happy shouldn’t be that we are above our counterparts, rather we should celebrate only if we are sure that what we achieved is the best we could do for ourselves. In Myles word, Success is not about you comparing yourself with others, it is about what you can do for yourself. Success is not when you are richer than anyone else. It is not if you have something more than everyone else. Success is reaching the zenith of your purpose, potentials or abilities. So as Myles said, no one can determine the level of your success. How successful you are, is between “You and God”. 2) Time is ticking, some of us has lived 10 years, some 20, some 30, some 40 years and others above these ages. If a book is to be written about our stories and impact in life and to be written in verses, chapters on different pages, when your story is summarized how many verses will be written? Will it make up a chapter? Pages, by any chance? Like the example Dr Myles gave, Methuselah lived the Longest life, stories about him do not makeup six verses of the bible.  That affirms that it is not how long we live but how well we live. 3) There is a privilege given to us by TIME. Yesterday can be a bad day. We can make tomorrow better. Last year might have been a time of trouble, next year gives us a chance for victory. A minute ago we might have failed, we can make the next couple of hours mark the beginning of another success. Dr Myles said: “Time gives closure to failure and success”. Is it true? Yes! One who is raped today can decide to close that chapter today and next tomorrow lead a fight against rape. “Many years ago, I used to be…” Sounds familiar? We all have the chance to make our past a point of reference while celebrating the success of the present. Our past can make and mar us. CLOSE the dirty chapter of your life now and tomorrow you will say: “Once upon a time, I used to be dirty” You can write it in a book, say it while giving speeches. In all, posterity will be impacted. Hey, I am Olawale Smart and I will love to hear from you. +23456304166 or Click here


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