Please, Break Rules.

Doing Something New

Commit yourself to greater things (innovation), not crimes. That is what I mean when I say “break rules”.

Our society has standards, set by people we don’t even know. And any act outside those standards is considered rebellion.

But we will always be like everyone if we operate as conformist to those standards.

The best example is: “Go to school; graduate and look for a job, a job with the Federal Government is most preferred, small work, big money”.

We are bothered about how we can be a better person for ourselves and immediate family, not for the world.

But that is not how it should be.

Everything that can make lives better; everything that makes life easier to live; everything that will end extreme poverty, hunger, racism, prejudice, tribalism, genocide, terrorism, unemployment, lack of education let us COMMIT ourselves to it and make it happen, even if we have to break the rules and shun protocols that stand as barriers.

“We don’t break rules for the fun of it. We break rules when we understand the systems that created those rules–and then, with careful thoughts and steely resolve, we can see bending that system to our will. We learned the rules. We know what we’re doing. And that’s why, when the time is right, we don’t follow them”,

Originally written by Smart Olawale for THE EXCEPTIONAL SEEDS NETWORK

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