Posterity Is On The Line.

Severally in our religious studies classes, we are taught of the experience God had with the first man and wife He created.

God gave them prosperity and dominion with a clear instruction not to eat of the fruits of a particular tree.

Poor Eve was manipulated and deceived by a serpent. She ate of the fruit and passed it to her husband. This simple act of mere ‘eating’ is the reason why we are here today with many of the things that are now prevalent and has become a norm. What an unwanted legacy?!

Do you know that at every day of our lives, we are stepping out to all places wearing Eve and Adam shoes on our legs. Hence, at every point, in everything we do, temptations that look just like potential opportunities will present themselves to us and we will be tempted to fall into it.

While the consequence of falling into this act may befall us or not before the end of our lives, let us live with the consciousness of the fact that we walk on a thin, long and tight rope with all our beloved treasures— the future generation— on our hands. Any bad decision will not only make us fall, but we will also be dragging the future generation with us.

You can stop that!

If you are seeking to uplift your name, uplift the world with your decisions, not drag them down.

Originally written as motivation for TESN Members.


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