Satire: There are no youth like my Country’s Youth.


The white prides a lot in their foolishness. They think being smart and wise is when young boys and girls create innovative things that make the world a better place.

Mumu People. How did they even manage to colonize us? Do I need to ask? The answer is quite obvious, the youths of then were not the studious science students and innocent marleyians we have today.

I watched a video clip online; Some American citizens in their bid to throw Donald Trump out of office formed a group of chorister singing “Take him out of the office, drag him out if you must…”

If I am a prophet I will certainly receive God’s inspiration from the way the song was beautifully rendered. Is that how to throw a president out of the office? Does that even show that they are angry about whatever state they are?

They brought Christianity to Nigeria, yet they still don’t understand that since the days of John the Baptist,  the kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violent take it by force.

I trust the Nigerian youths, they understand that there is no way the kingdom of God will suffer violence and the earth will be left out of the play. Who has the time to compose “take him out of the office” nonsense… when we have a listless number of songs composed by angry and faceless composers. Where is “we no go gree o, we no go gree” or “Bubu, ole,  Sarak ole!”

The song is not the reason for my assertion. How can you be singing a song meant to throw a president out of the office and the stadium (your location) is still full of people chilling? Where is the gun? The cutlass? The smoke? They did not even burn any tyre. Actionless people.

Kudos to the Nigerian youths wherever they are, I trust them, the bulk of the people that will die will not be from the family of the people they intend to direct their anger to (something called ‘Ironic attack’). In fact, some people won’t die by guns or any other stunt of angry mob, they will die due to stampede caused by people running helter-skelter. When there is no bad blood, no flames, no weapon, to Nigeria youths, you are still involved in a child’s play.

Let me do the whites (and to whomsoever it may concern) a favour by teaching you some of the “Nigeria youths” style of anger if you really mean any serious business about the nation’s good:

1) Invade the streets, destroy the basic amenities on your way: You don’t have to care that the masses are still craving for more basic amenities and infrastructures. The ones that you’ve got by luck, raze it all down with fire. if you don’t do that how will they know that you mean business?

2) Invade Aso-Rock with Hashtags but stay in your room during the protest: This is another very important way to be angry as a Nigerian youth. Tweet all the hashtags but don’t go out of your room to voice out your pain. If everybody is on the street, who will alert Aso-rock that something is going on.

3) Lastly, the ultimate style of any serious angry Nigeria youth: This compels you to collect bribe to fight against your fellow comrades who are fighting a good cause. If you don’t do that, how will you enjoy out of the national cake that people are eating anyhow? And for the news to make top headlines on mainstream media, it is necessary for you to do that.

With these few points of mine, I hope have been able to confuse you and not convince myself that there are no youths like my country’s youths.

Caveat: I believe in the abilities of Nigerian youths and as a youth myself, I know that youths are strongly capable of transforming the country but think they should go and read a book that has a title or close to “right ways to get angry”. Being too serious may sometimes be considered unseriousness.

I remain the official enemy of mediocrity, preaching exceptionality that comes from the true maximization of man’s true potentials. Writing is one of the ways he achieves that.



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  1. KOLAJO Blessing Reply

    I smiled as I read, the foolishness of this African generation is. …
    Thank you.

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