SERIES: Things I don’t Ever Want To Get Angry At (Season 1)

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I want to be a good man! Live as one and die as one.
I am not sure if I am not also doing it for the praises, but I am quite sure that I am in for it to ensure that being a good man is not just on paper, I want to impersonate those qualities that make a man good.

No one is perfect.
Never will I. And may no one ever be perfect; Essentially, no one got what it takes to take on God.

Flaws are boundless and it streams into almost everyone’s heart. But before it crumbles the mansion built on my affirmation, I better shy away from the many a thing that makes you and I a hypocrite.

“Nigerians are hypocrites and hypocrisy is our original religion”, that looks like what an almost forgotten newspaper column said; but do we have to take a microscopic view to understand that not only Nigerians have an oath with hypocrisy? Everyone shares this attribute. Maybe a sign, that we are truly offsprings of Adam.

However, everyone is entitled to live their lives the way they want. I will stick to the uncommon by shy away from hypocrisy.

I don’t want to get angry at people who choose not to love me:
There are people that I don’t like myself, why should I be angry at a poor who is just giving me a taste of my own medicine? Rather than nag his or her unyielding actions towards my good affection, I will reserve my strength to continue loving and sharing what remains.


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