SERIES: Things I don’t Ever Want To Get Angry At (Season 2)

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I don’t want to get angry when someone betrays me.

I am surely not planning to become emotionless. But I am just too tired to make bad faces for cases of betrayal. It’s an inseparable part of human lives, something that keeps recurring. No drug can stop it; the best medical doctors can’t take it away from our systems.

Hence, when am betrayed I will go to my room and cry (sometimes, I won’t). But I won’t blame God and I won’t stop trusting people. My relationship with the traitor might be strained but I won’t hate, I will be with him/her in his time of needs and encourage him/her to be better.

Only God can cure betrayal. He can completely curb it all. But if it stays as part of His creation, I will separate myself from it, just as He separated the light from the darkness.

These things are hard; So, help me, God!


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