Smart, Gong and Lesson.

Once I was at a village with my parent. I was a small boy, but quite old enough to recount the few details I will share.

We were on a visit to the family of the community’s cleric. His house is perhaps the first house you’d see when you enter the community and it was close to other residents’ houses.

I was led by curiosity to do something that shocked the entire community.

On our first few days, I noticed a tyre rim hung between two poles connected by another and at a time in the day, someone would come with a small thick rod to cause a loud noise when he/she hit the rod on the rim.

For me, it was a no-brainer. And I found it quite intriguing that people were unmoved by the noise. I didn’t ask anyone about it. I simply decided that I will do it too.

I did. On that fateful day, while everyone was busy with other important things, I jumped through the window, sneaked to where the rod is. When I got it, I banged it on the rim. I didn’t stop after one bang. I was banging repeatedly.

People who were always unmoved started coming out with puzzled face. My host family came out too, puzzled like everyone. They found out that I was the one behind the whole drama. So they called out angrily on me to stop banging…that was when I knew that have done something wrong.

The loud noise that happens after the bang (or clashing of the two metals), served as the church alarm (and a gong), to remind everyone of ‘already-discussed’ prayer meetings.

I was not only producing unusual loud noise, but it was also coming at the wrong time.

I wonder how many such things that looked insignificant that we have treated with no respect. To us, they are insignificant, but to some people, they are highly cherished and priceless. Maybe that is why the message of “judge no one” is always on repeat.

Let’s learn to value what our neighbours value. I’m quite sure that it would only result in no or minimal tears & hurt and ultimately, LOVE, sweet love.


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