Some Components of Success That You Must Continue To Add Up.

Martin Luther King of blessed memory is not the only one who has a dream, unarguably, the majority of the world’s population has something in mind that they all wish to become. We all want to be successful.

We have people who are dreaming so big to be treated to a standing ovation by the US president and to be fitted at the same dining hall with Bill Gate, Jeff Bezos, Aliko Dangote and the rest.

But dreams are not meant to be what you wake up to just find existing all of a sudden. There is an intentional effort of pulling them together. These are what I call the components that we add up to birth success.

I’m only going to discuss a few.

The first is “Hope“.
Now, Hope is the optimistic expectation and desire for a positive outcome or for a particular thing to happen. When you have conceived a big dream, be optimistic about it, expect a positive end result.

But you know what? Hope is not enough. When you leave your car key in the room and you tell someone that “I hope the key is in the wardrobe”, that means you are not sure, you’re just trying to be optimistic about it.

When you are still in the state of Hope, you think “if only wishes were horses, I will make this happen now”.

But when you add the second component which is faith in your dreams.
You will actually believe that wishes are horses and you will ride upon it.
That’s because faith is a complete trust that something is going to happen. So, you must have complete trust in those dreams you’ve imagined. It shouldn’t be ‘maybe’, rather, it should be ‘surely’.
When you have faith too, know that things won’t happen if you are not intentional about it and that brings us to the last component:
Work and Pray.

Define your strategy and follow then with action and hold your dreams close to your heart. Don’t ever forget to pray to your God— Divine intervention will help you fly over every barricade that you may not be able to overcome with your own power.
Sum all these up! and you will enjoy the reality of your dreams.


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