The Goalkeeper’s Mystery.

Great kudos to a goalkeeper! Out of ten other persons that choose to run around the pitch, he chooses to pace around in one place. Not that he cannot run too, but he realizes that someone must stay at home to keep the best dribblers in check.

Guess what? That doesn’t take him out of the game where he is most likely the most important person. Others may do the scoring but together with them, he’s winning.

I think you should be your brother’s keeper too. Not that you can’t do all those things they do. You can. You even have to do it, but in a position where you will always have the back of others. At alert, to stop everything that will give the opposition a point.

Have you heard of Selfish football players? Maybe. Have you heard of selfish goalkeepers? Not likely. A goalkeeper gives himself to the team. For he knows that when they win, he’s a winner too.

Do your thing. Support people. Serve them. Have their back. Seek for them. Help them. ‘Cos when they win, you automatically become a winner too.

Cheers to winning! 💚

Originally witten as Motivation for TESN Members.


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