The Way We Treat Our Faeces.

You know, I was just thinking. Thinking about the way we treat our faeces (our poo). How we treat it with so much disdain and irritation at sight.

The faeces originate from nowhere it’s all a waste product of the food we eat (mixed with water and billions of microbes).

We enjoy our meals and its aroma, but when we talk of the faeces (that come as a result of what we eat), it becomes another thing. Some don’t want to see it. And I have to be careful with the way I stress it, ‘cos mere mention of it nauseates some people and they vomit.

This is not a faeces talk and is not about throwing in some crazy punchline or philosophy or thoughts.

I can only relate it to how some people treat human beings like them. They don’t take cognisance of the fact that those people they ill-treat are, first, human beings (born like them) before they find themselves in ugly situations that they are.

So what do they do? They treat them with so much disdain, cheat them, run away from them or ignore them.

But how long?

Everyone will be like those faeces.

We will, at the end of the day, nourish the earth. All of us. And we will meet again… all the same. What will be your excuse?

N.b: Smart wrote this as a motivation for TESN members.


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