There Are Many Other People…

I write, there are many others who write too; I’m a speaker, there are many other people who tell stories and speak too; so far in the years of my pilgrimage on earth, I have acquired some skills, unsurprisingly, I’m not the first to acquire any.

The reality is that, though, we may not be the same, we will always find people who do the same thing as we do or close. Many of them. Not one. Not two. But all of us have a different approach to this reality. Searching my mind, I made up two approaches: one, Survival Mode Approach. The second is the Life-Giver approach.

Those in the category of Survival Mode adapt to this reality but everything they do is for a paycheck. Those in the category of Life-Giver Approach, adapt with the reality, they care about their paycheck but they also prioritize knowledge giving, passing and every other thing that looks like ‘transferring’.

I consider the Life-Giver Approach the ideal option. One who wants to breathe knowledge into others is always conscious to be one step ahead. Being a step ahead helps their paycheck and give thousands of other people the joy of having cash in their pockets.

If you can read this, you are a product of people who lived using the Life-Giver approach: the books that helped you learn reading, are the products of people who are not just writers.

What’s your approach?

Originally written as Motivation for TESN members.


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