When It’s Okay To Quit.

On a success route, never quit, even at the face of failure. But this advice does not apply to every area of your life. It’s okay to quit those things that made you fail inspite of the importance or value you may have attached to it.

But that’s not all. Dicey! ‘Cos you must never trade your right values for success. The process of becoming a successful person matters when true success is defined.

So it’s only safe to quit, when others will surely get hurt.
Quit, if the purpose is selfish.
Quit risking for what will never matter at end of the day…

I should say, quitting like most things is abused. An instrument of upliftment is now used to completely retire us to being downtrodden.

Let us rewrite the trend by using the word “Quit” and “quitting” as a strategy to achieve true success. Not to completely shut ourselves out.



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