You May Be Wrong.

I was on a bus one day. The bus driver was using his two children as bus-conductors. I was sitting on the two passengers seat beside him.  Another old man was sitting next to me.

Something happened and he started advising his children. He was advising them (in Yoruba) against going to school, the man sitting next to me supported him. 

“What is the benefit of going to school, when you can be making cool money as a driver or conductor. In a day, I know how much I make.”

“So why go to the office, wearing a tie and doing nonsense?”.

Is that true? Please say no!

You see the problem is not working as a driver or conductor. All those jobs, someone has to do them. I’m even thinking otherwise, do we even have to do them? When we can build a robots powered by artificial intelligence to do the job.

It is not about going to school, some people are self-taught and are successful. It is mediocrity to think you go to school to get white-collar jobs and depend on salaries.

You get educated to create solutions. 
You go to school to experience a new level of socialization.

If he had advised his kids to be creative and to gain knowledge about the job to be better than him, who is not privileged to send them to school, maybe he would have scored a point and there won’t be need for the unsolicited TED Talk I gave that day.

But no, he was only trying to console the poor boys. Not facing the truth.

The problem you are facing right now can influence your mentality and can build a new normal for you. You may not even be aware. 

Hence , know that what you hold as right, maybe wrong.
Don’t shut your heart.
Increase your exposure today on worthwhile things. Keep an open mind.


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